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About is a website with daily updated collection of high quality movies and cinema films. Our platform is absolutely free. There is no need to download, just relax and watch your preferred movies.

Which movie player do I need to watch movies on
You need the DivX Web-Player for DivX movies
You need the Flash Web-Player for Flash movies

The movie does not working or keep showing "Connecting.."
This might be because the movie needs some time to buffer, you should wait some minutes patiently and then try to play, some hoster needs at least 2-3 minutes to buffer. If it still will not work, try to refresh the website.
It is also possible the movie has been removed from the hosting website, then you should "REPORT AS OFFLINE". However, we try to delete all removed movies within 24 hours and add new working movies on

What are mirror links and what about the smileys
You may select another link on the left side of the website, if the actual selected movie does not work. Sometimes you have also different movie quality on other mirror links. The smileys show the quality of the movie version.

Some parts of the website are not working.
Clear all your Browser cookies and try again.

Is a legal service
We do not host any files on our server nor we upload any movies on other hosting websites.
Our website workes like a search engine, gathering and sorting movies from other websites and showing the embeded code or the direct link. So we are absolutely legal.

Please write us an e-mail for reporting bugs and wishes.